These are the themes of Spreeek. View the agenda sorted by theme!

Spreeek about Freedom

What does freedom mean in a world of growing digitalisation, polarisation, and fake news? How do we navigate the challenges these changes pose to us?

Spreeek about Society

Our society is characterised by growing polarisation and a hardening of discourse in recent years. Trust in government or our fellow human beings is in decline. How do we respond to these changes?

Spreeek about Sustainability

Climate change is occuring right now. We can already see the consequences all around us. How do we adapt our current social and economic system to make it futureproof? How do we talk about these changes?

Spreeek about the City

The Dutch are seen as ‘masters of the square meter’. However, space is becoming more and more scarce. How do we manage this? And how do we make cities sustainable and liveable for future generations?

Spreeek je uit over De Provincie

Ben jij goed op de hoogte van wat de provincie precies doet en waarom het zo belangrijk is om te stemmen? We leggen het je graag uit. Kom naar onze evenementen en spreeek je uit over de Provincie!
Spreeek - Den Haag in Debat