Boris Dittrich: about advocates for lgbtiqa+ rights

Boris Dittrich: about advocates for lgbtiqa+ rights. He has been supporting (sexual) minorities his entire life and is coming to The Hague University of Applied Sciences to share his story!

There are those people in life who surprise you. People who inspire you by who they are and what they do. People who do the hard work in the foreground and background, but whom you as a student may have heard little about. Until you read a book or delve into their lives. Here's your chance!

Boris Dittrich has been tirelessly devoted to the public cause and particularly (sexual) minorities throughout his life. He has had a remarkable career, and during this session, we will explore his experiences in the fight for lgbtiqa+ rights both from his endeavors in politics and as the Advocacy Director of the LGBT Rights Program for Human Rights Watch in New York and Berlin.

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win. With this encouragement as a guideline, Boris Dittrich worked with Human Rights Watch to strengthen and disseminate rights for sexual minorities. His mission was to protect homosexual men, lesbian women, bisexuals, and transgender individuals from discrimination, harassment, rape, and murder with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Through some personal stories and experiences, we will delve deeper into these rights and link them to current events.

The language of the event is Dutch and English. At the close of the event, there will be drinks with Boris Dittrich. You're welcome to join!

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