Documentary screening and presentation with producer and alumna Rieneke van Santen

This documentary follows six Iranian women who refuse to comply with the censorship in their country. Can they start a new life in exile, take off their masks and be truly free?

Six Iranian women leading different lives all offer resistance to the laws and unwritten rules of their country. But defying the prevalent censorship is not without consequences. In open testimonies, the women in this documentary share their experiences with dismissal, intimidation, apprehension and starting a new life in exile. Although after some time they experience moments full of song, dance and joy again, the question lingers in the air: Can you ever be truly free?

Rieneke van Santen is the producer of this documentary. She graduated in 2008 from the Communication study programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences and was a coaching assistant for International Communication Management students.

This documentary is Persian spoken and subtitled in English.

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