Just Peace Movie Night: Plastic Justice?

Join us for the next edition of Just Peace Movie Nights, a collaborative effort by The Hague Humanity Hub and Resilient Foundation. This event, focused on Plastic Justice, combines art and storytelling to shed light on the human experience amidst the plastic crisis.

We'll feature three impactful films:

- Bakelite (~7 min): A creative take on humanity's toxic relationship with plastic.

- Une Seconde Vie (~7 min): A short documentary from the 8billion project.

- Earthbound (~50 min): Celebrating Nzambi Matee's innovative solution to Kenya's plastic waste.

Following the screenings, engage in a discussion with experts and participate in a Q&A, exploring the intersection of artivism and storytelling in amplifying voices affected by plastic pollution and environmental injustice.

Why Plastic Justice?

The plastic crisis is a complex issue, encompassing environmental, economic, and health aspects. Positioned within an environmental justice framework, it prompts crucial questions about fairness, decision-making, and power imbalances.

Plastic production, derived from oil and toxic chemicals, has far-reaching consequences lasting up to 500 years. Indigenous communities are displaced, water is polluted, and health hazards affect vulnerable populations. Plastic waste from high-income countries disproportionately impacts low-income nations, exacerbating environmental injustice.

Artivism and storytelling play a crucial role in humanizing the experiences of affected communities, fostering empathy, understanding, and action. "Plastic Justice" serves as a starting point for comprehending the crisis from a social and environmental justice perspective.

Join us in exploring the multifaceted dimensions of Plastic Justice and how art and storytelling can drive change in advocacy, policy-making, and real-world contexts.

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