Just Peace Movie Night - War on Education

Join us for the next edition of Just Peace Movie Nights! For this edition we will be partnering with Euroclio (European Association of History Educators) to screen the film "War on Education.” We will delve into the impact war (particularly in the Ukraine) has on history education and consequently the accessibility of good and nuanced education.

About "War on Education”

The showing of the documentary 'War on Education’ falls under the larger campaign to raise awareness and reflect on the impact of the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

The makers highlight that, "While the media often highlights the visible – Russian attacks on Ukrainian cites and the news from the frontline, one critical aspect remains largely overlooked: the impact of war on education." Creator Stefano di Pietro, "was inspired to make "War on Education” after having made "Books not Bombs", a short film created in 2022, aimed to gather the funds needed to print the schoolbook “Ukraine and the World", when the printing budgets of Ukraine were directed to the war effort."

The documentary features the authors of the textbooks Ukraine and the World, Iryna Kostyuk and Maryna Kaftan, who organised interviews, connected to policy makers, and helped "find and clear archival footage." Stefano Di Pietro emphasises that "Talking with many amazing Ukrainians during wartime, I realised there was a much bigger story to tell, one that connects to universal and timeless values that I deeply care about, and I always try to communicate in my films."

Moreover, the documentary features insightful interviews with prominent figures from international NGOs, governmental bodies, journalists, and educators, “War on Education” deeply covers this issue. The Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine, as well as Emmanuelle Abrioux, Chief of Education at UNICEF Ukraine, and other notable characters in this field, share their invaluable perspectives as well as possible solutions for the problem.


Doors open at 17:30. Drinks will be available to purchase at the café. The film screening will start at 18:00. The film will be followed by a panel discussion and Q&A. After the formal programming we warmly invite attendees to stay for some casual networking and drinks.

Just Peace Movie Nights are film screenings and discussions on important and current issues in the world of peace and justice.

On our panel we will be joined by the film creator Stefano di Pietro and Euroclio Director Steven Stegers.

Additionally, we will be joined by the wonderful staff and participants of the Move4HumanRights Summerschool.

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