Lammat Quraa'/لمّة قرّاء Book Club

First session...

The month of May is known for Arab Poetry Week, an annual event held to revive “Souk Okaz,” where Arabs traditionally exchanged poetry and literature. During this session, we will celebrate, read, and discuss selected works.

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NebulaLand is a non-profit foundation in the Netherlands that focuses on creating a creative environment for individuals to improve their skills and integrate into Dutch society. Our mission is to support newcomers in building their future in the Netherlands by offering space for personal and professional development.

At NebulaLand we recognize the challenges newcomers face when integrating into a new country. Our goal is to make that transition as smooth as possible by providing a safe and welcoming space where people can connect, learn and grow. We believe that everyone should have access to opportunities for growth and personal development, regardless of their background.

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