Local Action for Global Change: Grassroots Mobilisation in The Hague

The Hague, the International City of Peace and Justice, is not only a major hub of embassies, international organizations, and NGOs, but also a hive of grassroots activism on global issues. Bottom-up social movements engage global questions around culture, environment, food security, human rights, refugees, and more.

This special event brings together conveners of local movements for global change to exchange experiences of mobilizing citizens around global challenges.

What works (and what doesn’t)?

Join us at the Hague Humanity Hub on Friday, 7 June 2024 @ 11:00-1330 for a plenary round table, small group discussions, and a networking lunch to learn about possibilities and challenges in local action for global change.


Mert Kumru, World's Youth for Climate Justice

Ilse Valkering, Conscious Kitchen

Mekka Agdelgabar, Sudanese-Dutch Peace Activist, board member of VOND

Marley Semende LGBTQ+ activist


Valerie de Koeijer and Yussuf Abdi

This roundtable is part of and organised in collaboration with the Global Transformations and Governance Challenges (GTGC) conference of Leiden University.

Spreeek - Den Haag in Debat