Creative writing workshop: A confession

The workshop ‘A confession’ is inspired by artists who use the confession, truth, and personal stories as a grounds toproduce written art works.These confessions often materialise as simple sentences. In this workshop we will discoverhow one can successfully minimise a whole paragraph, a whole story, to just a few words.

After a short lecture introducing different artists who use these methods, we will begin by creating short sentences and quotes that could bepersonal confessions, moving on later to creating larger collage pieces, with scraps of found materials. We inviteparticipants to bring with them any scraps of fabric/paper material that they would like to work with in creating theircollage. Some basic materials will be provided.

The workshop will be given in English however we invite participants toexplore the workshop in their own chosen language. A Dutch workshop assistant will be present.

Spreeek - Den Haag in Debat