Creative writing workshop: Protest and the word

The workshop ‘Protest and the word’ is inspired by artists who use found material, in the sense of collected quotes andwritings from newspapers, books and social media, to comment on the current day stream of words and the overload ofinformation. Information that can often become disinformation due to its vast amount and constant flow.

After a short lecture introducing different artists who use these methods, we will create and find abstract sentencestogether that harness the essence and nonsense of what collectively moves us. We invite participants to bring printableobjects with them (clothing and anything made of fabric) that they would like to repurpose for creating written artworks.We will use different printing and textile painting techniques to upcycle these objects.

The workshop will be given in English however we invite participants to explore the workshop in their own chosen language. A Dutch workshopassistant will be present.

Spreeek - Den Haag in Debat