Just Peace / The Hague Humanity Hub

Just Peace faciliteert verbindingen tussen het ecosysteem van vrede en recht, en mensen in Den Haag, om een vreedzamere en rechtvaardigere wereld op te bouwen.

Events georganiseerd door Just Peace / The Hague Humanity Hub

Movie Night Series "Hope in the Face of Adversity", collaboratively curated by Inholland- Moonlight

Come celebrate the Just Peace month with us at the Inholland Just Peace movie nights with a set of three diverse movies hosted by organisations and professionals within Inholland. 

Do you want to join us in the suspension of an innocent inmate who tries to escape prison, or would you rather discover the flaws in facial recognition algorithms with researcher Joy Buolamwini, or would you rather come to age with a young African-American man who grapples with his identity in sexuality?

Look at all the film programmes for these amazing films and sign up to join us in this cinematic event at Inholland! 

Note: Snacks and drinks are provided by Inholland. 

Spreeek - Den Haag in Debat